Exploring the gap between what we eat and where we get it.


Hi, I'm Steve Schwartz and these articles highlight my attempts to bridge the gap between our time outdoors and the food we eat. Whether I’m successful or not, that’s what this whole thing is about: hunting, fishing, and cooking for a better, more sustainable life.


01. Hunting: From gear to field reports and everything in between.
02. Fishing: Fly-fishing, soaking bait, whatever it takes to get a bite.
03. Cooking: Turning those tasty pursuits into real food for the table.

“Maybe, kneeling down to atoms, they're becoming atom-sized in their souls. Maybe a specialist is only a coward, afraid to look out of his little cage. And think what any specialist misses—the whole world over his fence.”

— John Steinbeck, "East of Eden"


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